One of the best things about my job is connecting with people to the extent that they trust me to advise them on important financial matters. This relationship is built up over time and I hope that clients stay with me because I am good at my job. What I find astounding is…the number of people who have hired or stay with an accountant because their parents hired him/her for their business or they’ve known him/her for years or the said accountant has been in the same rugby/golf/GAA/soccer club for years.

I hasten to add that those comments above are frequently followed by something like…..”yeah, I’m not getting a great service but what can you do?….he’s been with us for years etc….”

Would you go to (and keep going to)… a dentist/doctor/solicitor/physio etc. etc. and accept inferior service just because you know them? And inferior service over years….!!!

Accounting/tax and professional services should be exactly the same. Re-visit the customer service and value for money offered by your accountant every few months. Could you be saving tax? Are your deadlines adequately met? Are your missed calls and emails actually answered?

Just because you don’t know me or my firm, it doesn’t mean I cannot offer you a great service! Pick up the phone, email me or even conduct the dreaded zoom call…..even…engage me for a trial period!

Remember, not all accountants are the same!!