The reality facing many people at this time is one of uncertainty, worry and financial distress.  It is very easy for successful business people and companies to blithely state that in moments of great adversity, opportunity also presents itself.

The fact is that doing business in Ireland is going to change forever.  Crowded meeting rooms, hours in gridlocked traffic commuting to work, attending networking events, packed seminars; all could become a thing of the past.  Discretionary spending will reduce.  Health and well-being considerations will become a priority.  Work/life balance will shift towards family.  And people will want to take charge of their own careers and job security.

Modern technology can connect people from every part of the world.  Intelligent, creative and hard-working people will always be in demand.  Companies looking to minimize costs may turn to independent consultants and sole traders to provide services previously provided by salaried employees and well known firms.

The challenge for start-ups, sole traders, small companies and consultants now is to gain sufficient knowledge and experience to promote their businesses, connect with potential customers and become experts in using the communications tools that we may not have used until very recently.